Keynote Speakers:

Panel Sessions

The following panel sessions have been proposed.

  • Domain-Specific Generative Music: Music in Computer Games, Simon Cutajar (
  • Now that deep learning has solved music, what’s next?, Bob Sturm (
    • Panelists: Roger Dean, Elaine Chew, Oded Ben-Tal, Anna Jordanous, Stefan Lattner, Kevin Webster
  • Musical Creativity & HCI, Simon Holland (
    • Panelists: Chris Nash, Matt Bellingham, Andrea Franchescini, Tom Mudd, Simon Holland
  • Issues in the Evaluation of Creative Music Systems, Róisín Loughran (
    • Panelists: Anna Jordanous, Bob Sturm, Stefano Kalonaris, Chris Nash
  • Applying music patterns in generation, Iris Yuping Ren (
  •  Live coding, Iris Yuping Ren (

Panellists are sought, send a brief statement of your interest in the topic (100 words max) to the listed organiser by 10th Aug.


  • Hernán Ordiales and Matias Lennie BrunoSound recycling from public databases
  • Oded Ben-Tal. Designing Interaction for Co-creation
  • Stefano KalonarisDory: a purposively flawed and forgetful artificial musical agent
  • Stefan Lattner, Maarten Grachten and Gerhard WidmerLearning Transformations of Musical Material using Gated Autoencoders
  • Yoshiki Matsuura, Tetsu Tanahashi and Tetsuro Kitahara. A Pattern Recognition Approach to Analyze Temporal Evolution of a Bassist’s Musical Styles
  • Simon CummingsLearning to Lose Control: Composition, Computation and Collaboration with CloudCube
  • Javier Nistal, Perfecto Herrera and Sergi Jordà. Exploring the spontaneous expression of human finger-tapping
  • Rene Mogensen. Computational motivation for computational creativity in improvised music
  • Samuel Hunt, Thomas Mitchell and Chris NashInitial Thoughts on Interactive Generative Music Composition
  • Roger T. DeanPerturbing Deep Learned Models for Sound and Text Generation in Composition and Performance
  • Matt BellinghamSimon Holland and Paul MulhollandChoosers: designing a highly expressive algorithmic music composition system for non-programmers
  • Masatoshi Hamanaka, Keiji Hirata and Satoshi Tojo. Polyphonic Music Analysis Database Based on GTTM
  • Shahar Elisha and Tillman Weyde. Exploration of emotion-based cross-modal mappings for generating music for videos
  • Simon CutajarRobin Laney and Alistair WillisTowards Dynamic Transitions Between Musical Pieces in Computer Games
  • Andrea FranceschiniTechnologies and practices to “uncomplicate” music (short talk)
  • Andrew Elmsley. (Some) Challenges in Nonlinear Music Generation
  • Tom Collins and Robin LaneyComputer-generated stylistic compositions with long-term repetitive and phrasal structure.